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Our Services

Any company which extends its activities more and more each day, shows that offers something that others need and benefit from it. The services we provide are not only useful, but above all they are necessary for each worker or enterprise that wants to work safely and in accordance to the rules. The services that we offer are:

Measurement of microclimatic conditions

Elektrodepo measures the microclimatic conditions in the area of safety and health at work, with the most sophisticated, most precise equipment and efficiency guarantee in the entire region and beyond.

Our engineers for safety at work perform measurements of temperature, air humidity and air current in the working environment. Measurements are made in a short time of a few minutes and without hindering the work. Data from measurements are recorded right away and are taken for processing in our company where the study is compiled by the analysis of our experts of safety at work.

Noise measurement

Noise is all around us. The noise level permitted by global standards that is not harmful to human hearing senses and often it is not noticed by us. Therefore, the noise we don’t notice also happens to damage our health and not being aware of it.

To prevent the health damage, i.e. hearing of workers as a result of noise in the premises where they work, our engineers make noise level measurements in these environments and by analyzes made they give their expert recommendations in this field.

Lighting measurement

Same as the noise, the lighting is all around us, at different levels. Damage to health, i.e. the sight senses, is caused by poor lighting as well as strong lighting. When you have poor lighting and we have to do a more precise work we damage our sight senses and we don’t notice it because the damage is permanent and gradual. The same thing happens when we work in environments with strong lighting but in environments with strong light the damage can also be immediate. To prevent these injuries, our engineers take care of it, who measure the level of lighting and from their analysis they provide recommendations for the prevention or avoidance of these injuries.

A-Test and measurement of all electrical grid

Earthing A-Test is necessary to protect from lightning your activity and your employees and facilities where you work because it ensures us whether the machine or device we work with is safe, it does the job safely. A-Test certificates and verifications from our engineers give values of security and longevity to working tools you possess, with the purpose of performing your operation successfully and without interruption. Our engineers with huge experience in this field make precise measurements for all electrical grid installed in facilities or areas where you do your activity. Starting from sockets, connections, devices, lightning rods up to electrical fuses that you have installed in your premises or work spaces. Our electrical experts, are those that provide regular, secure operation of all your electric network in your facilities, with the most sophisticated, more precise and more effective tools in the region.

Risk assessment

The risk in the workplace has several categories and levels. Risk to the work process is considered even a small scratch on the body of the worker because the working process requires concentration and if there is irritation from scratching, the worker is unable to focus on the work and is threatened from major damages to himself, to his colleagues and the whole work process of the company. To eliminate the risks in the workplace our security engineers who make professional assessment of risk at work, the ways of protection from risk and the total elimination of risk, take care of that. The perennial experience of our experts of security at the workplace, vocational education and extremely serious observation level and risk analysis in your working premises, guarantees the entire process of your activity to continue without risk.

Planning and Evacuation

Natural factors; earthquakes, floods, fires or from other factors can cause high damage to the premises of our activities and may even cause total destruction of work premises. To avoid this danger our engineers according to the working places and facilities of your companies, design precision evacuation and rescue plans, ensuring the protection of your lives and the lives of your employees, protection of tools and equipment involved in the working process, and in this way also ensuring and protecting your capital.

Chemical and biological measurements

For measurements of chemical and biological damage, as a company for security at work, we have provided the most experienced and professionally educated experts in the region. Experts we provide for these kinds of measurements, make measurements of all parameters anticipated for the prevention and avoidance of such damages. We and our experts are the ones that guarantee the highest-level efficiency and professionalism for precise, effective and safe survey with regard to chemical and biological damage to the premises where you develop your activities.

Medical examinations

Under the laws, regulations and global standards, medical examinations should be regularly performed by the occupational health doctors. To prove an acceptable level of safety at work, medical checkups show how much we have contributed to the prevention of health and physical injuries of our employees. Medical checkups administered by our expert team confirm whether the employee has or has not health impairment during the performance of his duties in the environment in which he works.

Training for Safety and Health at Work

Training for Fire Protection and Evacuation

Security Concept Statement


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