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About us


Everyday experiences which raises the awareness of man, also had its impact on us. These experiences prompted us to consider the safety and health at work of all employees in Macedonia. Our research came with results urging us that this area is little developed and the safety of workers in the workplace is very low, or in some cases there is no safety at all, so we decided to establish our agency or company, which will deal with health and safety at work.

The idea came out of engineers in the fields of safety, who selected several areas in which they’ll act and some ways of action, and together we decided on the founding of our enterprise labeled Elektrodepo.

The decision to open our company requested a lot of time, its official opening was on 17 November 2015, which means that we are a relatively new enterprise. This does not negate the fact that we are by all means the only and the most professionalized enterprise in the country. The location where we started to carry out our mission was in Tetovo and then we expanded in Strumica and Shtip. The capacity with which we started was an average capacity, which had covered mainly the North - West Macedonia, and then, thanks to the work we did and the success we showed, we were able to expand our capacity to such an extent that the work covered the entire Macedonia.

The aim of our company was that in our country, as in all countries of the world, every employee should feel secure at the workplace, in order to avoid the consequences as much as possible, which in most cases are fatal.

We are always convinced in our mission and that makes us have a motive for the work we do and it is "Safety starts with us"!
We have brought and will always continue to bring more and more innovations in the area we operate, will make your health at work secure and will try to remove any possible consequence during the working process.

We will be always with you and will work only for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is safety and health of each employee during the working process. We always aim to avoid employee injuries, because every worker's impairment is a loss for the company in which the employee works. Therefore, we want you to understand that the safety of the employee and his health is the basis of your profit, and it has become our mission, which we earnestly try to accomplish.

Our Vision

Our company is always working to avoid uncertainty and consequences the employees may have during the working process, so our vision is to be synonymous of safety of employees at the workplace.

Our Team

  • Director - Armend Kasa
  • Supervisor - Fisnik Ademi
  • Food Technology Engineer; Professional Officer for safety at work - Ermine Reshiti
  • Food Technologist - Imingjile Mena
  • Engineer for safety and health at work - Avni Abazi
  • Forestry Engineer; Professional Officer for safety at work - Sonja Kirovska


Our success comes along the hard work and thanks to the support and mutual cooperation;
• Progens - (carrying out of chemical and biological examinations) and
• Poliklinika Medika - (carrying out of medical examinations)